Sunday, January 20, 2008

Smoke and Mirrors (Advertising • Media • Worldview)

An evening with Walt Mueller from the Center for Parent Youth

This generation of students is the most marketing-targeted generation of all
time. Consequently, marketers know them, pursue them, and reach them
with advertising efforts that are shaping students' worldviews and behaviors
in significant ways - both in terms of who they are now and who they'll be
for the rest of their lives.

It's not a stretch to say that marketing is raising and spiritually forming kids. In this seminar, CPYU President Walt Mueller will examine the role that marketing plays in student development; the messages and methods of advertising to teenagers; how marketing is
shaping students' values, attitudes, and behaviors; and what we can do to
equip our kids to manage marketing's influence "Christianly," rather than
letting marketing's influence manage them.

Parents • Teachers • Youth Leaders • Pastors: You’re Invited to Join Us...

Wednesday January 23rd • 6 to 8:30 PM

Harderwyk Ministries Sanctuary
In the Red Brick Building
1627 W. Lakewood Blvd [Corner of Lakewood and 160th]

This is a FREE Event
• There will be a fantastic resource table and time for your questions!

Find Out How Marketing Shapes and fManipulates Students and What You Can Do About It!

Walt Mueller is the president of the Center for Parent Youth Understanding.
CPYU is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving
to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers. The
mission of CPYU is to work with churches, schools, and community organizations
to build stronger relationships between young people and those charged with
helping them grow into healthy adulthood.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jan. 9 of 2007 'gathering' - note new location

Conversation Wednesday - january 9, 10:30 a.m.
~ trying another new place... free parking too!

Dillenbeck's Coffeehouse
1059 W Fulton St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: (616)458-5716
Fax: (616)458-5749

An award-winning coffee shop that features espresso beverages, sodas, sandwiches, soups and a wide variety of scrumptious desserts. They offer free parking, drive-thru service and an outdoor patio.

Here's something good from Jason Anderson...
... one of our friends within the conversation here in West Michigan.

PLEASE take two minutes and watch this video.
Perhaps it is something you need...

Here is a copy of the edited video you can watch online.