Tuesday, January 12, 2010

(Re) Reading Paul - WEDNESDAY, Jan. 13th @ noon!

Wishing you a hope-filled 2010!

To kick off the year, our first  Conversation Wednesday:  (Re)Reading Paul
Next week, January 13 @ the Urban Mill on Michigan Avenue, GR

(Re) Reading Paul: A Posture for Reading Paul in Context

In recent years there has been an immense amount of material on how one should read Paul. The most prominent being, "How are we to read Paul in his historical and theological contexts?" The promise of this approach for postmoderns is that it allows for past interpretations to be subverted by possible new ones. On the other hand, the peril of this approach is that it ends up being an ad hoc way of doing theology. Maybe a re-posturing is needed in order to read Paul faithfully. Maybe the most important question is "how do we become wise readers of Paul?" If we seek to answer that question then we must also ask, "what constitutes a wise reading of Paul?"

Our conversation will be led by Nate Dawson, a friend of many ewm'ers.  Hope you can join us for what's sure to be an insightful, animated discussion.


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