Sunday, November 09, 2008


Doug Pagitt, Carla Barnhill, & Tim Condor will be joining emergent west michigan for a conversation this Tuesday night, Nov. 11
Tuesday night @ 7:30 p.m. until...
place: the cambridge house 600 monroe ave. n.w., grand rapids
--everyone welcome!

emergent west michigan facebook group

In constant pursuit of trying to find easier ways to communicate in multiple directions, the emergent west michigan facebook group has been created.

Not everyone has received an invite, but we encourage you to join it anyway. It's an open group for people interested in the ways of Jesus.

There will be NO gathering this Wednesday morning.

Founders as usual on Wednesday nights.

And a reflection on Peter Rollins visit last week...

Pete's visit to Grand Rapids has given me a bit to chew on.I was excited to meet this man. He seemed to combine a number of my interests - the church, the philosophy of deconstruction, and writing - in a way that I'm still trying to get a handle on. I had sent him an email, with no expectation of return, and indeed, I had not received a reply before the event. Which was of no matter; here would be a chance to approach him with my questions.

Unknowingly, I had put Pete on a pedestal, one that I'm not sure he himself would feel comfortable on top of. Little did I know just how deeply my mindset would be challenged through the events of this evening.The night was engaging and exciting. I never did approach Pete with my thoughts, although I thoroughly enjoyed the two parables that he shared with me and my table mates. Instead, I found myself interacting more with other members of the community, with Lori Wilson, with Kathy Buist, with the Parishes, just sharing thoughts and ideas, hopes, visions, and fears.

I had a number of good conversations that were challenging and edifying. And rather than being the base, Pete's presence seemed to be the icing on the cake, a wonderful treat that complimented a social coming-together that is already happening in Grand Rapids.I was happy spending a night like this with friends...

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