Friday, September 26, 2008

Creation Care Picnic

THIS Sunday, Sept. 28, we have our Creation Care Picnic.

It will be from 1 till 3 p.m. at Townsend Park.

A map can be found here:

Info on the park here:

As for ideas: Basically, if you decide to do a display, you will have a picnic table or half of a table, to display your thoughts/activities. This is our first attempt at this thing; so there are is no precedence as to what is expected.

I do know several things that will be displayed include: Organic Gardening, a compost barrel, recycling… plus your ideas. Everything and anything is fair game.

If you have no time or idea what to do, show up anyway. It’s supposed to be a nice day, and I am told this park is amazing.

As usual when friends get together, you are encouraged to take some sort of food stuff to share for lunch together… likely around 1 p.m. for lunch.


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