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Oct. 10 conversation wednesday info...

the update - september 30 of 2007

Conversation Wednesday - october 10, 10:30 a.m.
next wednesday ... a cup of joe... with conversation!
"justice in the burbs - or wherever you live"


Urban Mill Cafe
235 W Fulton St
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 458-6455
directions click here
FREE PARKING for first 60 minutues.
$1.50/30 minutes after first hour

Earlier this month we had a group of people show up for good conversation and coffee. I was encouraged. Next week Wednesday (always the 2nd Wednesday of the month) I encourage you to join us!

Topic: I'm currently reading "Justice in the Burbs" by my friends Will and Lisa Samson. I am both encouraged and challenged by their writing. This is a book that has the potential to be more than a conversation piece. It has the potential to spur us onward toward deeper passion and living into the kingdom - to be consumed in greater ways with things that embarce the kingdom of God.

Here is my hope: Next week will be a conversation that give us practical measures to help us live more justly.

Here is my request: Bring practical things that have helped you live more justly. Be willing to share these things with others.

Also - bring thoughts and questions about living justly... things that make it difficult for us
(you and I) to live deeply into the reality of Jesus...


Will and Lisa Samson have been struggling with this issue for more than a few years now. They weave a great story along with challenging obervations and experiences in Justice in the Burbs.

Another resource from someone who has taken a vow of poverty as well as exemplified kingdom life comes from Mark Scandrette. His first book, Soul Graffiti, has even been enough to get great praise from Phyllis Tickle. Check out his website and book if you want another means of challenging your current conception of being a Jesus follower.

Phyliss Tickle writes, " I read SOUL GRAFFITI in manuscript and then was given the chance to blurb the published book. All I want to do now, I suspect, is re-iterate what I said on the back jacket: This book is an encounter more than a book. It rattles your teeth in places, and your bones in others. It is radical Christianity, but so realistic, so possible...or at least so possible to yearn toward and strive for. Anyway, I for one am grateful this one is out there mixing it up in the cultural soup...phyllis tickle


A few more people and resources - people & writings that may encourage you to live into the ways of Jesus:

A You Tube clip of Shane Claiborne


Next Wave Online

(from one of you)

Dear Friends,

I think that I would like to go to see a new play called "Seven Passages: The Story of Gay Chrsitians" at Spectrum Theatre (more info at On Thursdays, the first ticket is $22 and the second ticket is $10. I think a student ID gets you two dollars off the full prcie ticket. I think that means if people split the difference tickets end up being about $15. Would anyone want to join me on September 27th or October 4th? Let me know - my schedule is presently open both days.



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