Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sponge Bob...

Ahhh, I want some banter. I want some boxing... I want us to be friends here, but I also want us to be challenged. Sometimes I feel that we are agreeing with one another a bit too much. So, here it goes...

There's a new Sponge Bob and friends video that has been distributed by the We Are Family Foundation. Ironically, (aka Focus on the Family) has come out against the video because they claim it supports a gay agenda.

Over the past two weeks, I've heard both Steve Argue and Jim Wallis state that we need better theology. A year ago I would have suggested that people don't care about theology anymore. I now believe Argue & Wallis are right. We need theology that has praxis. Real praxis! (Or maybe we should just call it real practice.)

We need Christians with theology that says "I accept homosexuals" regardless. We accept people with other kinds of sins, but not this one. (I hope people accept me. I sin too.) I'm going out on a small branch here, but I suggest that on this issue Focus on the Family has terrible theology. Jesus hung out with these people, but we are unwilling to teach our children to do the same?

What is wrong with us!? What are we protecting? And why are we so unwilling to follow the master?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right On, Randy......

I might say not so long ago, I was on the bandwagon. The wagon that says "No Gays!! We're Christians."

Then there is the whole love the sinner, hate the sin crap.....

Just accept people.....I sure want to be accepted.

I don't want any clarifiers attached to my acceptance.....let God's Spirit do the clarifying. And maybe once in a while through another close brother who already has shown their love and acceptance of me.

James Littell
Lighthouse Village

9:33 PM  
Blogger LVM Women's Blog said...

Thanks. I just checked out those websites. The most disturbing was the focus on the family site. This really bothers me. On this site there is an 'answer' to almost any "moral" question out there. I clicked on the sponge bob one and conclude fear that a message of love & tolerance will be promoted to schools throughout the nation to 6-7 year olds. The same fear, I'm sure, many non-christians had when they heard that the Jesus video would be distributed to so many schools back in 2000-2001. What an opportunity for conversation this will stir in families across the nation. Little people will be coming home singing a song that's title is "We're all Family." Dr. Dobson's staff states that this song is promoting an agenda that is threatening the Family, then on another comment states that hatred & mean spiritedness cannot be tolerated when speaking of homosexuals. Their whole premis is that if we're mean then we can't win them to JESUS! As though we have anything to do with whether or not they have faith in him. Oh wait. We do. But not in our fancy words & well-thought-out answers to all of life's questions: but in our true response to people. We can say all we want that of course we love the homosexual, we just despise how they're sinning. But unless we truly put into practice and test our true convictions about this issue...the world, that is looking in on our "country clubs" that we are "rushing" for new membership at all times, will conclude that this is not something I want to be a part of. My pastor said on Sunday when he was guest speaking somewhere "The Church's response to homosexuality today makes me sick. It sickens me." That entire website sickens me and Dr. Dobson's credibility has plumeted through the floor in my eyes! He's really missed the mark on this one.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

I don't know if you watched Larry King the other night or not, but this topic came up while he was interviewing Mclaren, TD Jakes, Tim (and his wife) LaHaye and Franklin Graham. It was great to see two polar opposite views.

I believe that one of the things that Christ teaches us is the 'way of love.' Yet, we tend to forget loving and mix it up with acceptance, or tolerence. I believe that tolerence is a rude word and concept. what are we saying, "I will tolerate you, but not love you."???

We have a lot to learn from Jesus re: truly loving others.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Randy!!!

My son and I are Sponge Bob fans and all I see is the innocence of a child-like figure in the shape of the sponge. Isn't that what Jesus tells us our approach to Him should be...child-like????? I can't believe the "respected" church community has fallen to picking a fight with a cartoon. Isn't our battle with spiritual powers and not flesh and blood? Have we grown so petty that instead of connecting the "fallen world" to the love of Christ we are jousting at cartoon characters??? and we wonder why today's culture doesn't take us seriously!

4:52 PM  

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