Thursday, February 02, 2006

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Emergent West Michgian – Wednesday Conversation

~ Feb. 8, 10:30 a.m. @ The Bite (downtown G.R.) This previously appeared as 'March 8'.
(March 8 is the date of our March 'conversation.'

Topic: Is There Space For Lent in an Emerging Church World?

Our next conversation will revolve around a discussion of Lent. Lent officially begins March 1. For some traditions, Lent is a mystery. For others, it a worn out tradition. Is there a way to bring this ancient practice into our present contexts?

Troy Hatfield from Mars Hill, with Steve Argue facilitating, will present the approach the Mars Hill community is taking this Lent Season. Our goal is encourage discussion that incorporates theological, historical, missional, and practical aspects.

Please join us and come considering the following questions:
- What are the potential benefits and obstacles for incorporating Lent in our communities?
- What aspect of the Gospel does Lent elevate and why might this be important?
- What are creative ways of following Lent that respects tradition and embraces our present context?

For those of you interested in readings for lent. Check out


The First Detroit Area Cohort Meeting is scheduled for February 11th,
Saturday @ 3:00 PM.

The meeting will be held at Panera Bread; which is located at 6 Mile Road and New Burg in LaVonia, MI. The address is:
Panera Bread
37091 6 Mile Rd
LaVonia, MI 48152

I hope to see you there.

Lonnie Burrell
586.779.2419 (hm)


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