Thursday, June 30, 2005

july gathering

Some pretty nice events coming up over the next few months. Check your email for something from Randy soon.

What? You aren't on the email list? look on the right side of the page and get on the list!

The next emergentwestmichigan meeting is set for the second wednesday in July (that's July 13) at 10:30am at the Bite.

Also, if anyone is interested in a monthly or bi-monthly Tuesday Night gathering (i.e., you can't make it to Wednesday late mornings), make a note in the comments of this post.



Blogger Nate Dawson said...

When classes begin again in the fall it will be hard to make it on Wed. so to look for another night would be a sweet idea. I don't think tuesday nights would work for me as of right now. Keep the ideas going. I am open for maybe a thursday night.

2:51 PM  

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